Polished Concrete by Spec Floors

Polished concrete is suitable for homes, showrooms, retail outlets, factories and commercial properties.

Through experience and innovation real polished concrete is the Spec Floors specialty. As well as being certified Husqvarna Hiperfloor polished concrete installers we have significant experience with many other concrete polishing systems, machines and products. We are committed to giving our customer the best results possible. 

So what is real polished concrete?premium polished concrete 8 20140310 1861874842

Polished concrete is a system by which the concrete is ground for exposure, *grouted to fill minor cracks and surface imperfections, treated to harden the surface and then polished using a series of diamond tools that gradually get finer and finer allowing the concrete surface itself to be polished. A penetrating sealer rather than a topical sealer is used in the final step to enhance the floor and help it to maintain its stain resistant properties over a long period.

The advantage with a polished concrete system over other systems is that:

  • There are no long cure periods that hold up the build time like coating systems
  • There is no topical sealer to 'wear off' and dull the floor
  • No topical coating means no chance of ripples, roller marks, or dust embedding into the surface
  • Because the concrete has been hardened it is highly scratch resistant
  • As there is no topical sealer the concrete can breath – eliminating issues that can occur in coating systems (such as peeling, bubbling, discolouration etc)
  • Long term maintenance for polished concrete is significantly lower in cost and time than coating systems.
  • There are options for finishing levels allowing price to be flexible
  • As long as concrete has been poured correctly there are options for exposure levels.

When you add these things to the seamless, dust free, hypoallergenic, easy clean, low maintenance, thermal mass properties and appearance qualities - Polished Concrete has significantly high benefits over other systems.

polished concrete images

 Image - Full exposure polished concrete and zero exposure polished concrete


If you are considering installing polished concrete and would like to know more details about how it is achieved please read through our fact sheets on the the polishing process and slab guidelines. If you are renovating and want to polish old or existing concrete there are process documents just for you including our tips for renovators.

If you have any questions about polished concrete please visit our frequently asked questions page or feel free to contact us.

* If you want a zero exposure (no aggregate showing) polished concrete floor the process is different to exposed options. Cutting tools and grouting tools can not be used on the concrete to correct any surface imperfections. For more detailed information download our zero exposure slab guidelines and zero exposure concrete polishing process on our fact sheets page.