Selecting the right Finishing Level

Apart from selecting the system that suits you and the exposure level there is also an ability to select from different finishing levels. Finishing levels are reflective of the amount of work that needs to go into the floor. Generally speaking the higher the finishing level the more stages, tooling or products are used to achieve a higher end finish.

Premium polished concrete Premium grind seal

Premium level polished concrete finish

This is our top of the range, high end, wow floor finish. The concrete is ground and polished to the finest level possible ensuring the least amount of surface imperfections and highest possible gloss level are achieved. This option is often taken for high quality homes, showrooms or retail environments where light reflectivity and quality are the main priorities.



Standard level polished concrete finish

standard polished concrete standard grind seal

The standard level of finishing has great gloss levels and all the great characteristics that come polished concrete or grind and seal systems. Not as much refining takes place as the premium level of finish so the standard finishes may have slightly more surface imperfections still visible while enabling budget conscious clients to have a high quality product.



Basic level polished concrete

basic polished concrete basic grind seal

This is our budget level finishing option. Great in environments where the sealing, non-dusting, and seamless characteristics of polished concrete are more important than a flawless high gloss finish. While basic level polished concrete floors still have gloss, it is considered satin rather than high gloss and slightly more surface imperfections will be visible. Zero Exposure floors (which fall under one of the basic level options) do not include grouting. This means any cracks and surface imperfections such as pitting, air holes, whip marks and surface discolouration will still be visible. This does not affect the performance of the selected system and can be a great option for environments that are suitable for budget finishes.