Specialty Concrete Coatings Range

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If you are looking for something a little different to a standard paint system Spec Floors also offer custom specialty coating installations that that are often used in hairdressers, showrooms, nightclubs or high end housing and commercial premises.


Specialty coatings such as marbled effects and acid staining come in a fairly large range of colour options. 


Quotes for these systems are by special request as they are highly dependent on the base they are being putting onto and therefore require onsite inspections to determine the extent of preparation required and therefore cost and timeframe.


As a premium range of high end coating systems this style of flooring will give impact and class to any environment. In most cases our specialty coating systems are installed in a single stage however cure periods or wait time may be involved depending on the exact requirements and products selected.



For more examples of specialty coatings please visit our photo gallery


specialty paint system




For more information or to request an onsite quote please contact us.