Burnished Acrylic Concrete Flooring by Spec Floors

Burnished Acrylic is a system that blends the polished concrete system with a grind and seal system. Burnished Acrylic concrete flooring is suitable for homes, showrooms, retail outlets, restaurants, factories and commercial properties.


So what is Burnished Acrylic?burnished acrylic floors 6 20140310 1223094787

Burnished Acrylic is a system by which the concrete is ground for exposure, grouted to correct minor surface cracks and imperfections, treated to harden the surface and then polished using a series of diamond tools that gradually get finer and finer allowing the concrete surface itself to be polished. A topical acrylic sealer is used in the final step to enhance the floor and help it to maintain its properties over a long period. As with all topical sealers a cure period is required.

The advantages with a burnished acrylic concrete system over other systems are:

  • The acrylic sealer is very easily refurbished to bring back floors which dull off due to high traffic
  • The burnished acrylic system is food grade making it ideal in restaurant or food areas
  • Can be used to provide a higher gloss level on older floors/substandard concrete where true polished concrete is not achievable.

When you add these things to the seamless, dust free, hypoallergenic, easy clean, low maintenance, thermal mass properties and appearance qualities - the burnished acrylic system has a very useful place in the concrete finishing range.

If you are considering installing a burnished acrylic concrete system and would like to know more details about how it is achieved please read through our fact sheets on: Burnished Acrylic Process and Guidelines For New Slabs. If you are renovating and want to polish old or existing concrete please also read through our tips for renovators.

If you have any questions about burnished acrylic concrete flooring please visit our frequently asked questions page or feel free to contact us.