Coloured Coating Systems

coloured coatings with grit 3Solid coloured coating systems are hard wearing and suitable for a wide range of environments from factories and shops through to homes or garages. The advantage with solid coloured coating systems is that they are not reliant on the underlying concrete being poured and finished perfectly to achieve consistent results.


With the correct preparation, coloured coatings can provide a very long lasting, hardwearing, seamless, hypoallergenic environment with low cleaning requirements. There is a large range of colours available in solid coloured paint systems and if slip is of concern, anti-slip materials can be added such as sand or grit.


Coloured coating systems are generally installed in a single stage system. For a new build, this is after plaster and ceiling paint, before door frames skirts and arcs are fitted. There are cure periods involved in coloured coating systems so please ensure you understand the process when scheduling work. We have fact sheets available to help you with this.