Grind and Seal Concrete Options by Spec Floors

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Grind and Seal is the industry term for concrete which has a clear coating system installed on your concrete floor. It is often called polished concrete however there are significant differences between a coating system and true polished concrete. There are also different options within the grind and seal systems in the type of products used, number of coats applied and cure periods required. When chosen correctly a grind and seal is suitable for homes, showrooms, retail outlets, factories and commercial properties.


So what is a grind and seal?

Grind and Seal is a system by which the concrete is ground for exposure and to remove as many scratches as possible and then *grouted to fill minor cracks and surface imperfections. A clear topical sealer is used to give the concrete its protection, wearing surface and shine. There are many options for the specific coating that is used and that will largely depend on the desired look and functionality requirements. For most domestic environments we prefer a water based, 2 coat system with a matt or satin finish.

The advantages with a grind and seal concrete system over other systems are:

  • Initial installation costs are comparably low to true polished concrete
  • Beading or grit can be added to enhance slip resistance
  • Not as reliant on concrete quality to achieve consistent gloss level
  • As long as concrete has been poured and installed correctly there are options for exposure levels
  • Matt or gloss options available in indoor systems
  • There are outdoor options available in a UV satin finish grind and seal system or an etched & sealed system.

When you add these things to the seamless, dust free, hypoallergenic, easy clean, thermal mass properties and appearance qualities - Grind and seal options are highly flexible.

gs page image2Images: Key grind and seal (satin finish), Grind and Seal (gloss finish) 

If you are considering installing a grind and seal and would like to know more details about how it is achieved or the maintenance please read through our fact sheets on the grind and seal process and slab guidleines. There are options for exisitng areas, new builds, indoors or outdoors as well as tips for renovators.

If you have any questions about grind and seal flooring please visit our frequently asked questions page or feel free to contact us.


* zero exposure coating systems do not include the full range of cutting tools or grouting in the installation process and therefore all surface imperfections will still be visible after coating is applied. See our fact sheets for zero exposure slab and process information.